Amory Engineers, P.C.

Regulatory Permitting

Construction projects often require permitting. We have extensive experience with guiding projects through the regulatory permitting process. Experience has provided us good working relationships with many regulatory agencies. We have prepared permit applications for the following types of projects through various local, state and federal regulatory agencies:

Bridge Crossing

Wetlands and Waterways

  • Wetland disturbance and replication
  • River/stream crossings
  • Shorefront protection
    • Seawalls and bulkheads
    • Revetments and groins
    • Beach nourishment/replenishment
  • Dredging
  • Fish Ladders
  • Docks, piers and boat ramps

Stormwater Management

Rare and Endangered Species

Zone 2 map

Water Supply, Treatment, Distribution and Storage

Roadway Permits

Railroad Crossings

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