Amory Engineers, P.C.

Dam Evaluation, Repair and Construction

Dams serve to provide water supply as well as to safeguard life and property. Amory Engineers offers expertise in dam evaluation, inspection, design, maintenance programs, construction contract preparation, permitting and construction administration.

Photo of a Hydrologic Study

Our services related to dams include:


  • Hydrologic Studies
    • Flood routing
    • Floodplain studies
    • Maximum flood determination
  • Inspections
    • Phase 1 and Phase 2 inspections
    • Annual inspections
    • Outlet and overflow structures
    • Structural integrity
  • Dependable yield analysis
  • Dam breaching
  • Reporting
  • Feasibility/environmental impact evaluation
Photo of an Inspection

Dam Design and Permitting

  • New dam design
  • Emergency repair
  • Modifications
  • Contract documents and construction services
  • Permitting

Maintenance programs

Cost Estimates